Thursday, May 24, 2007

Day +78: Test Result

I think Keith really enjoyed his day today. He more or less got to move at his own leisurely pace (which is to say is more tortoise-like than hare-like) and he really seemed to be feeling quite good judging by his good appetite and unique sense of humor.

Keith has taken so many tests lately it’s hard to keep track of them all. Today, however, was finally a test free day - a nice break from the recent streak. Still, there was test ‘news’ today. The result came back for one of the difficult tests Keith was subjected to a while back.

Click here for the Drum Roll

Click here for the Test Result


Anonymous said...

Steve, amazing job on the post! Not only great news about the math test, but great music and drum roll. Keith, glad you enjoyed your test free day. You should have your parents buy you the Wii - J.J. and Genna just love playing it and so far we haven't had the controls fly across the room!

Hugs to everyone!

Three J's and a G

Allison N. said...

Hello Keith!! Sorry it has been such a long time since my last post. I have been great with my daily reading of your fantastic progress - but not so great in my daily posting. Congratulations on the excellent results with your math test. I have to admit that math was my least favorite subject in school. I don't know that I ever received a perfect score on a math test and I do mean "ever". Not even math can keep the Keithanator down!! Love from, Allison

Anonymous said...

Way to go Keith....Math was never my forte, so I admire everyone who excells at it!
Also, I love your latest photo---can't believe how mature you look.
I'm loving your new website and check to see how everything is going every day. Marilyn Stoddard

P.S. Tell your Mom how much I enjoyed seeing her and chatting the other night.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the weekend yourselves, we will all be thinking of you and hope that it is a pleasant one for all of you. There will probably be some exotic food prepared, can't even pronounce some of it!! Take care, lots of love xoxox Alice