Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day +64: That Sunny Feelin'

While we were packing up on Tuesday, Keith surprised us with yet another metallic sunburst – this one twice as large as the one he proudly presented to us a few days back and more carefully crafted. I guess like all good artists he prepared a mockup prior to creating his Pièce de résistance. I can't help but think that he must be feeling pretty good right now to create something so happy and cheerful looking.

Josie and I met with one of Keith’s oncologists today to discuss the potential of participating in a phase III clinical trial aimed at improving outcomes beyond the standard protocol that Keith has just finished. At this point we don’t know whether he will be eligible or not and there are a few questions we have that still need to be answered before we will know for sure. More updates on this topic later.

Keith (and we) did a better job of staggering his medicine today instead of lumping it all toward the end of day when he is tired and less receptive. He also continues to feel very well and his appetite is improving slowly but surely as evidenced by his consumption of a big ice cream sundae smothered with Sharffen Berger chocolate sauce that he acquired at the factory tour a while back…. Yum.

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