Monday, May 7, 2007

Day +61: Packing Day

Well, the final session of radiation treatment for Keith is now in the books. Add to that his successful completion of the Bone Marrow Transplant procedure and I’d say Keith has earned a little well-deserved time off along with a merit badge and a courage bead or two.

Today is packing day, tomorrow is moving day and move is exactly what we plan to do after he attends school for one final session. Meanwhile Josie and I will go over discharge instructions then pack up the car(s) and head back home. Hopefully we can negotiate this in only one trip - we have accumulated a lot of stuff over the past couple of months in our home(s) away from home.

Despite all of the recent radiation Keith has been able to maintain pretty solid blood counts and still has a decent ANC. It’s been quite a while since he has had a transfusion or a GCSF boost which tells us that his bone marrow is doing a great job on its own. Once home, Keith will technically still be in isolation and it probably will be that way for quite some time. Inside our house he will not need to wear his mask, but if he ventures anywhere else then it’s mask time. Of course he can’t just go anywhere he pleases either. We’ve recently learned that even while wearing his mask he will be prohibited from going to places like the grocery store, movie theater, school or even a friend’s house. And forget public transportation. It’s just not safe out there with rogue gangs of mold spores lurking around. Having a friend over to our house is possible (as long as they aren’t moldy….) so it’s not as cruel as it could be.


Annie said...

This is definitely a Red Letter Day! Just wish we could be there to help you pack up and to
see Keith's face when he steps into the house.
Oh, happy day!

Linda Bemis said...

How exciting to be going home! Keith, you've been an exemplary BMT recipient! I'll bet Kirby is really purring tonight!

I'll be eager to read tonights entry and hear how the homecoming played out.

God Bless,
Linda B

Ronda said...

Very exciting. Can not wait to have Keith back on Vida Descansada. Please know that I have two station wagon type cars that are available to make sure you do not have to make an extra trip. If you need an extra driver for baggage just give me a call.

Chris Kelley said...


Welcome Home!

Uncle Chris

Cynthia Leslie-Bole said...

We can't wait to have you back, Keith! And the same goes for you, Josie and Steve - Halleluja, the Kelleys, are coming home!!!!!!! The minute Holden is allowed to see Keith, we will be there, as my Mom says, "with bells on"! Good luck with the move and transition back into the flow of Orinda life. May it be smoooooth sailing from here on in! Lots of love, Cynthia, Ben, Holden, and haley

Christine Rohrer said...


I wish I could be there to see the look on Kirby's face when you come in the door today. He'll probably do a double flip!

Love, Aunt Christine