Monday, May 14, 2007

Day +68: Germ Warfare

The last time we had to draw Keith’s labs ourselves was back in February, so it took a little dusting off of the mental manual for us to recall all the proper steps and sequences required. But we managed to disconnect his overnight fluid line, collect the two vials of blood, change his catheter caps and flush his lines without incident. All before 8am. We have been extra careful to make sure we don’t introduce Keith to any unwanted germs and so we seem to be tearing through alcohol wipes almost as fast as Keith can tear through a deck of Pokemon cards.

We have been encouraging Keith to get outside each day and stretch his legs. Short walks up and down our street seem to be just about right for him and he can even do it without wearing his mask as long as there are no signs of landscaping activities going on in the area as that apparently stirs up the ever present mold spores. Airborne mold spores are not welcome critters right now.

Keith was relieved to have only six pills to take today instead of the eleven required over the weekend days. He responded by eating much better today and even helped with dinner preparation by selecting a handful of spices (cayenne, garlic powder, pepper and worcestershire) to kick up the pasta sauce a bit. After tasting the results he nodded his head vigorously to indicate his approval. It was indeed very good…..

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Jennifer said...

You look terrific in this latest picture..your eyes are filled with determination. I love that you like spices in your pasta sauce. I sometimes put chili flakes in my glass of wine and my family thinks I am a wee bit crazy. You continue to be your awesome self. It must be so much cooler to be back at home with Kirby! Go Keith
Jenny Barnett Champion

Sandy Barnett's daughter