Sunday, May 6, 2007

Day +60: The Anticipated Nod

I've noticed for some time now that Mondays have this habit of following pleasant weekends. And so once again, and quite possibly for the last time, Keith will visit the clinic for his usual physical and labs followed later by his final radiation treatment. Unless something wildly unexpected happens we expect to get discharge instructions and after that, the most anticipated nod ever; the nod to return to Orinda sometime on Tuesday. There will certainly be more tests needed to establish Keith’s current state of disease, or hopefully lack thereof, including a series of outpatient visits back at Stanford a week following discharge for a couple of MIBG scans. The remaining tests should be able to be handed off to Children’s Hospital Oakland again, making life a bit more convenient for us.

It was a very quiet weekend at the RM House. In fact we were the only family in the 6 unit immune wing so we had the whole place to ourselves. We managed to coax Keith into gearing up with his mask and headed outside on this beautiful day to kick a ball around the yard. I expected him to hobble around and be quickly winded, but he would have none of that – racing around, kicking the ball and rolling in the grass instead. Except for the very short haircut and the pink mask he seemed in every respect just a regular kid. On several occasions I even heard the sound of muffled laughter trying to escape from behind that oversized respirator clamped to his head.

To our friends Kristi and Chuck we owe special thanks. Without even knowing us beforehand, they offered the cottage of their beautiful home in Portola Valley to us ‘sight unseen’ to use during the past two months so that we could maintain a semblance of family unity during Keith’s difficult treatment. During Keith’s hospital stay only one parent was allowed to sleep in Keith’s room so the cottage became a key part of the infrastructure that enabled us to both stay nearby and support Keith. Also, having Scott able to spend weekends with Keith was only made possible by having access to the cottage. Keith adores his big brother and having him able to stay nearby so that he could spend more time with Keith was a huge uplift to his spirits. A very generous and much appreciated gesture by a truly wonderful family.

Scott and I are now back in Orinda where in less than 48 hours we should be joined by Josie and the man himself. That would make four Kelley’s and a one pudgy cat all under a single roof again….


Linda Bemis said...

Dear Keith and all the Kelley's,

I have just returned from a 4 day trip to Las Vegas and the first thing on my agenda this morning was to catch up with you. What exciting news that you will be going home tomorrow!

Las Vegas was Las Vegas--and I don't think I ever need to return there unless it is for some special reason such as this week end. It was a great old/young, mother/daughter week end to celebrate a 40th birthday. However, we did see the famous "O" Circus du Soliel with water! It was outstanding and amazing to see what they could do in the water. Reminded me of the famous swimmer, Keith Kelly!

Eager to hear that you are home.

God Bless,
Linda Bemis

Nancy said...

Well... my mom beat me to it! We did have a great time in Las Vegas. But I am operating on not enough sleep! However, I still have enough brain power left to agree that yes - blueberry pie is good. (and pumpkin and cherry). But the best all time just has to be a key lime!! The thick custard kind. Ymmmm...
I can hardly wait to read you are back home. Just one more treatment today - then the great escape! Yahoo! I am sure Kirby will be beside himself...
Nancy Pennington