Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day +70: Hey, I'm Radioactive!

Keith continues to feel well and has resumed his pre-BMT computer interest- or perhaps put more accurately - obsession. It's just another indicator that he is feeling like his old self again. On other fronts, he seems to be eating ok but he wouldn’t be much of a contender in a pie eating contest right now. What I mean to say is that he doesn’t have a ravenous appetite. Still, today he ate a good breakfast and dinner - lunch didn’t really happen today, however. So his caloric intake seems to be just enough to 'maintain' right now and we are curious what his weight will be when he stands on the scale at his next clinic visit. As far as drinking goes, he isn’t consuming very much, but he has never been a huge drinker. He basically drinks slightly more than what he needs to get the pills down and if it weren’t for our continuous prodding he wouldn’t drink even that much. So the overnight hydration he is receiving is helping immensely to keep him going right now.

As planned Keith received his radio-isotope injection at Stanford and will return again Thursday for the first of two MIBG scans. The second scan will happen on Friday. So for the next couple fo days he's ever-so-slightly radioactive. Josie is planning to be on the road at 6:15 am to make the early appointment; just another seemingly insignificant addition to the rolling, 5-lane wide metallic river of southbound traffic.

Ahhhh…… what a relaxing way to start the day….

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