Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day +74: No Comment

Keith enjoyed a stress free weekend made fun by having a friend from school visit each day. He’s in good spirits even though he knows that come Monday he's in for a surgical procedure to perform yet another bilateral pelvic puncture to sample his bone marrow. I still find remarkable his ability to block out unpleasant things allowing him to better enjoy the present moment. It is certainly a trait he did not inherit from me but one that has made all of the difficult treatments more tolerable for him.

Josie mentioned to me that some of you may be having trouble trying to leave a comment on this blog. And we would really like to hear from you. What follows is a simple explanation (hopefully)…. Click on the screen-capture image on the left to enlarge it.

At the bottom of each entry following the “


Annie said...

OK, I'm here at the cottage and felt that I needed to take up your challenge on leaving a comment. "Piece of cake!" I said to myself. Ah, but not so fast! Since I had not left a comment in a while, I confused my "display name" with my "ID name." Needless to say, I did figure it out, but not without a lot of guessing. So, for all of my computer challenged friends, I suggest writing the word "TEST" as the comment and then filling out the info at the bottom and then press the "preview" button to see if it works. If it does, hit the edit button, leave your comment and then hit publish. IF it doesn't work, just try different combinations. (For me, it was my email address plus my password.)
Ed. Note: The above info is for those bloggers 65 and older. :-)

Christine Rohrer said...

Hi Kelleys,

We are so intriqued with the thought of Keith's new hair. It would be too cool to come out of this with an Eddie Munster "do."

Karl has found us a place to live in Dubai. Yeah! It was no easy task. Now he is car shopping, which is his reward.

Only four more weeks of school...I can hardly keep the monkeys under control.

Love, Aunt Christine

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the directions!

We continue to follow Keith's progress every day and are happy to be able to let you know!

The Tennants

Fred said...

Happy to know that you are at home with family and even having friends over to visit.
From a senior bloger (that's age, not experience level).

Monita said...

Hello Keith,

We're glad to know that you had a relaxing weekend. The garlic bread you and your dad made sounds really good.

James has been learning a lot about Michigan, from Battle Creek to wolverines (it's for a state report). I remember seeing some pictures on your website of you and your brother taken in Michigan. It'll be an interesting state to visit. All the best.

Nancy said...

Hello Keith!

That garlic bread sounds good... but would have been better topped off with melted provolone!!

Wishing you well for your bone marrow procedure today. Hopefully you educated the doctor on the correct Keithanator compression bandage protocol!


Sam said...

Nice to see that Keith is faring well through all of this. By the way Keith, I think you're braver than almost anyone would be in your situation. I wonder, is Scott becoming a monkey too?

:P Sam

melissa bozesky said...

Hi Keith- We are still praying for you every night and send our love. You are an amazing fighter and so is your family.

Much love and prayers for continued strength.

Melissa Bozesky, eddie, john and andrew

GEICO Caveman said...

So simple a caveman could do it? Is that what you are saying, Mr. Kelley?

Offense taken.

Anonymous said...

Hi Keith!

Glad to hear you're doing well and eating yummy food! Although we haven't written in awhile, we read your blog faithfully.

When I started laughing at the Eddie Munster photo, Joseph didn't get the joke so I had to google the Munsters TV show for him....unfortunately, he still didn't get it. ;)

Stay strong Kelley Family!

The Lees

Ginnie Grant said...

Hi Keith et al,

I'm so sorry I've been off the waves for a bit - since just before Easter, I believe. And what a nice surprise to see all the postive changes that have taken place in my absence - especially that you're home! What great news!!

I'll look forward to trying to navigate this new site and hearing more about you now that you're home again. What a blessing!

(And I'm so jealous that Annie and Don are up in Charlevoix! We won't make our trek until the end of June - but hope to see them - and maybe even you and your family later in the season!)

Love to All,