Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Day +55: More of the Same

The routine has been the same for quite some time now and you probably know the daily drill so I’ll keep it very short today. Keith did indeed receive another batch of platelets as was predicted, but this was his first visit to Packard’s brand new temporary day hospital. It is good to know that all of that construction noise he endured resulted in something (although there is a lot more work still going on).

Keith managed to muster a bit more pep today than yesterday, evidenced by his attending school for a while. He has knocked off eight radiation sessions now and has only four more to go. Beyond that not much to report.

He’s heading down the home stretch.

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Anonymous said...

The Keithanator...I write this evening from Northern Michigan (Walloon Lake...the REAL "up north") and we have just finished a simple meal that began with whitefish pate from Toski Sands, followed by broiled whitefish with a beurre blanc sauce and fresh asparagus...and a very pleasant lemon tart for dessert. All of this with a very nice California Chardonnay which was a touch bit heavy, but it was all that there was in the wine cellar and I was too lazy to make a run to the wine shop. So...while the wine selection might not interest you, I will tell you that the fish was fabulous...and I only wish that I had had some baby artichokes to saute and serve alongside everything.
Up North is wonderful and everyone anxiously awaits your return. And...just for the record, my golf game is beyond ugly.
Love, Barbara Hunting