Friday, May 18, 2007

Day +72: Eddie?

More MIBG scans today, closely paralleling yesterday’s sequence of events including a long 40 minute scan plus a couple of shorter ones. I think Keith and Josie are happy to be done with this series and are looking forward to a stress-free weekend.

We were warned that when Keith’s hair starts to come back it may look a little different than it did before he lost it. Well, of late it has really been filling in and he has developed eyebrows, eyelashes, a thick head of short dark hair and a distinctive widow's peak.

He is really beginning to look like his old self again, but he reminds me of someone else….I just can't quite put my finger on it.....


Valerie Stein said...

Those of us of a certain generation know exactly what to look forward to! Keith, you are going to look AWESOME when all is said and done!

Munster Maven said...

Think of it this way, Keith.

If you are Eddie, then your dad is Herman!

-- John Fiero