Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day +76: Inhale

For Keith it was more or less a routine day with the exception of some more tests around mid-day. All in all he is feeling pretty good right now and has very high spirits despite all the poking and prodding. He isn’t complaining of being sore at the biopsy sites from yesterday which is great – the last time he had pelvic aspirations he hobbled around the house for a couple of days.

After lounging around the house for most of the morning Keith and Josie headed off to CHO for next series of staging tests. The first was a simple Echo, an ultrasound scan to measure his heart function. Easy and quick. The second was a much more difficult pulmonary function test requiring a couple of hours to complete. Lots of hard breathing exercises into tubes and inhaling odd-tasting mists, leaving Keith winded and exhausted when it was finally over.

How Keith felt during his Pulmonary Function Test

Wednesday is the last day of the marathon week of tests for this work-up series. On tap are a bone scan and a full body CT scan. Keith has a lot of practice playing possum so these shouldn’t be too difficult for him except that he can’t eat anything beginning tonight through the end of the final scan sometime in the afternoon.

Food will definitely be on his mind.


Christine Rohrer said...

Dear Narrator,

Am starting to get a distorted mental image of Keith's hair what with the Eddie post and now the bloated spikey guy.

Please post recent picture our of favorite ball of courage.

Yours truly, A dedicated fan

GEICO Caveman said...


I believe I speak for all cavemen when I thank you for showing solidarity with us by not eating for long stretches of time.

Hunting and gathering can be pretty hit or miss, and when you miss . . . well, you go hungry. Your sensitivity to our plight and willingness to stand with us is truly enlightened. Rest assured that when we dance around the fire at night, we celebrate your fortitude and bravery.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that we think about you all the time. It seems so unbelievable that there should be this many tests. It's like a marathon leading into a triathlon followed up by a tax audit.

I keep waiting for you all to catch a break and a chance to rest. Please say that's coming up!

Lori Patel

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith...I can't believe I missed being your nurse on Monday...especially since I have worked every day this week except Monday! Your nurse,Nancy, flagged me down and told me what a great patient you are...and I, of course,agree with her.

Anyway,missing you has forced me to try out your new web site to say Hi... from Wylie and his Gram