Saturday, May 12, 2007

Day +66: Brainmon

Keith rediscovered his Pokemon cards today.

After 2 years sitting in boxes on shelves in his bedroom, Keith honed in on them and spent the entire day sorting, classifying, grouping, studying, and playing with them. All billion of them.

I challenged him to a pop quiz from a Pokemon handbook that he had been reading. “What Pokemon is totally covered with non-flammable fur so it can withstand ANY flame attack?” I asked. “That’s a Quilava” he responded.

Impressed, I scoured the book for what seemed like a tricky question. “What Pokemon has rings on its body that begin to glow when darkness falls?" I challenged. “That’s an Umbreon” he shot back. And so on…..

I keep forgetting. I merely read books. He memorizes them.

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