Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Day +56: Negotiation 101

Keith really wanted to go to school this morning because it was ‘science day’ and he really enjoys the science day projects that they come up with (after all, they have a lot of pretty cool equipment and technology nearby….). Anyway, his body just couldn’t manage it this morning. He finally felt up to going to school later in the afternoon but knowing that science was no longer being offered, he pleaded not to have to get stuck doing just math. Well, that’s exactly what he wound up doing, but he managed to strike a deal that would allow him to join the ‘acting class’ once he finished cranking out some math problems. And so that’s what he did. Maybe he could teach a class in negotiation...

We are told that the fatigue associated with his radiation treatment will last for at least a couple of weeks after the final treatment is complete on Monday. That makes a lot of sense when you think about what his body is being subjected to, but we simply hadn’t realized the procedure was so potent and that it would take quite so long for him to recover.

Apart from his stunted energy level, he is feeling quite good and still eating well. It appears that the doctors may even discontinue his overnight nutrition (TPN) and lipids starting this weekend – all in preparation for Keith to make his great escape for Orinda.

Don't ask.... I just thought it was funny


Lori Patel said...

Just can't wait to hear that Keith is back home.

Lori Patel

Anonymous said...

Hard to think of a cilia joke :-) Sue

Alfieri said...


This is a bit of a riddle, but I imagine you can figure it out. (I know your dad can).

Have you given much thought to your impending close personal relationship with the trident? A very cool thing and an awesome symbol, to be sure, but also a really nasty fish spear. A deep sea WMD if ever there was one.

Since tridents are generally only wielded by guys like King Neptune who are an integral part of the sea, I think it's okay to embrace and celebrate the trident. Have fun when you get home!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling well Keith - you're a trooper and Orinda will be happy to have you back :)