Saturday, May 19, 2007

Day +73: Garlic Bread

Around mid day Keith pronounced that he would really like some garlic bread. “Do you have any?” he asked. Josie told him we didn’t have any just laying around but we could make some if he wanted. Since she looked busy, I asked Keith if he would like me to make some and he responded diplomatically “No, that’s ok. You probably don’t know how to do it.”

Well, not one to walk away from a challenge I said “Sure I do – and you’ll like it.” So I got to work and Keith soon walked over to the kitchen to inspect what I was doing. My plan was to press fresh garlic and add it to some melted butter then spread it on a hoagie roll and place it under the broiler. He opened up the spice drawer and pulled out some garlic powder and ground chipotle pepper. “Just plain garlic and butter won’t do it.” he said.

So the butter & garlic slurry was augmented with the spices Keith selected. After it was broiled and the house smelled like an Italian bistro, Keith sat down at the counter and bit into the first slice. “Mmmm. This is really good.” He continued, “To cook requires mixing a variety of seasonings to balance the flavors and really make it exquisite.”

Oh really? I felt like I had just been reprimanded by Mario Batalli but it didn’t matter. He was happy and the garlic bread was good. Besides, I think I learned a thing or two about cooking garlic bread.

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