Sunday, May 13, 2007

Day +67: Pill, pill, pill, pill, pill, pill, pill, pill, pill, pill, pill

Weekends are always great and something we look forward to. Weekend days mean time home as a family together and lots of brother-on-brother time. Keith and Scott had a sleep-over of sorts in the family room. While it’s not quite like having a school friend over it is fun just the same for Keith. Scott continued his brotherly good deed-doing, playing Pokemon cards at Keith's request for a good part of the day.

Weekends do have downsides though – I can think of eleven of them. Keith is required to take five additional pills each weekend day for a total of eleven on Saturday and eleven on Sunday. While it seems like a lot for anybody, it still should be manageable. What makes it difficult for Keith is that he seems to need at least a half an hour between each pill to settle his stomach and that makes it a day-long, constant effort. For some reason it hasn’t gotten any easier for him as time has passed even with all the pill swallowing practice. Worse, pill swallowing seems to drain his appetite and so the past two days have not been great eating days for Keith despite all the good food lying around the house.

As Monday’s go, this Monday should be an easy one for Keith and with 5 fewer pills to take it should be a ‘Good Eats’ day as well….

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Nancy said...

One of my favorite weekend activities is popping corn and watching movies on the "secret bed" as Laney calls it. (Just a pull out couch!) When you are limited from the great outdoors, family room campouts are great fun - we even do stovetop s'mores! Not quite the same as the sand infused Belvedere beach s'mores - but tasty!
Glad today is Monday.... only a pill, pill, pill, pill, pill, pill day.