Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day +53: I Feel Those Commuter Blues Coming On

Not much to report from Palo Alto. It was one of those quiet Sundays where sedentary inertia was the governing force. Keith is currently absorbed with the newest Pokemon game on Nintendo DS and continues to feel good, making daily steady progress in hopes of getting the official nod to return to Orinda once again. Monday, as usual, will be a busy day for Keith with stops at the clinic, school and the radiation department.

The big news of the day had nothing to do with Keith but has a huge effect on our lives. As anyone who lives in the Bay Area already knows, a major section of the Bay Bridge approach collapsed this morning leaving tens of thousands of commuters like myself confounded as to how to get back and forth between San Francisco and the East Bay for the next few months. Yes, there’s BART, but Bart doesn’t get me to Palo Alto so this is a complication that we didn’t really need right now. I guess this is where 'grin and bear it' patience needs to be observed.

This used to be my commute…

Freeway Collapse


Linda Bemis said...

What a bummer! When I first saw the picture of the freeway collapse, my first thought was earthquake! But a tanker catching fire! Hope you work things out soon with your commute. Sounds horrendous soon. Maybe that's just a good reason for the doctors to let Keith go home sooner than later. Sounds like that time is getting closer and closer. Keep up the good work, Keith.

God Bless You All,
Linda B

Anonymous said...

The first place I heard about the freeway is on your blog, Keith. So now, not only do we get updates on how you are doing, but this is the place to get our news too.
Thanks for all the info, Steve.

Catherine Jordan