Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day +37 Command Center

April 13, 2007: Day +37

Even though we are sharing this wing at the RM House with two other families right now, we rarely see any of them as they seem to spend almost the entire day inside their own rooms. Because nature abhors a vacuum, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to populate all of the remaining public rooms – the kitchen, dining room and especially the family room where Keith has set up his command center (ok, entertainment center to be precise). He has plugged his game cube into the big TV and the couch across from it has become his day-throne.

It was an art day at the hospital today and Keith was quite happy with some of the drawings he did. He really seems to like the school program here at Stanford, but not to worry, he still wants to come back to Orinda and rejoin his friends for school next fall. That’s our goal at least and the doctors are hinting that it is possible if his immune system can recover enough by then.

Tomorrow morning Keith has an appointment with his lead BMT physician, Dr. W. Come on, it’s Saturday – give the kid a break! Actually, the appointment is to join Dr. W. to walk his dogs around the vicinity of RM House. He’ll have to suit up in his mask with pirate do-rag, wear latex gloves (can’t actually touch the dogs) and whatever skin is still visible needs to be soaked in sunscreen. Still, Keith is really looking forward to it – and animal lover that he is, I don’t think he has actually ever taken a dog for a walk before so he's pretty excited.

I know, shame on us...

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