Saturday, April 21, 2007

Day +45: Keith's Request

Not a real newsy day here. Josie and Scott drove down from Orinda after dropping Christine off at the airport. That meant that our entire family of four was together for the afternoon and evening which of course was great.

Lemon chicken was on the dinner menu again tonight (Keith’s request) along with pot stickers for lunch (Keith’s request). He is regaining his appetite again after yesterday’s little hiccup and even his overnight nutrition is tapering gradually. Scott and I will head over to the cottage tonight (thanks Kristi & Chuck!) when Keith is ready to settle in for the night.

I have started a new forum page (Keith’s request) where Keith himself could actually participate more in the dialog than he has been able to with this page, so if you are willing to navigate through the registration process I’ve included a link to the“Keith’s Forum” on the right hand sidebar of this page below the blog archive links. I simply have set it up and will manage it; the content hopefully will be driven by Keith and his friends & family.

As for tomorrow’s plans, more of the same with all of us hanging together in the living room of RM House (Keith’s request).

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Julie Whitsitt said...

Okay - I am going to try again, you know they say that third time is a charm. I am not too sure how to use this new system and the story I keep writing about is gettng less funny each time I write it - but here it goes again.
Okay - the story goes like this. About 8 days after Easter, I woke up to this horrible smell in the kitchen. It was so bad that the animals would not even go in there. I searched around and discovered that the Easter candy bag was the offending starting point. I looked inside and discovered that one of the cousins had hid real hard boiled eggs. Corinne happily pick them up and put it in her candy bag - but forgot to take it out of the bag when she got home. Eight days of hot thick plastic surrounded by chocolate gave a really nice space for the bactaria to have a huge party. I threw that bag away (along with the candy) which sent Corinne into histerical fits. She really likes candy. The next morning, the same disgusting smell. I could not believe it. There was a second auxiliary bag of candy with another hard boiled science experiement. It was soo gross. The smell of rotton eggs first thing in the morning is not something that strarts your day off well. A second round of crying for candy ensued. Trevor was happy as could be because his candy was untouched and hidden from his sister (insert more crying). It has been a nice few days around here.
Now that I think I got a hand on how to post you will receive more messages from me.
Take care, we think of you everyday.