Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day +43: Nachos Anyone?

Keith paid another visit to the radiology department today for the final dry-run of the actual radiation therapy. It was a fairly quick affair and the first day of actual treatment begins tomorrow (Friday). He’s then free to go to school afterwards. Josie and her sister Christine have been staying at RM House with Keith for the past two nights and I’ll bet they are having a pretty good time together.

When he isn’t out and about, Keith spends most of his time in the ‘living room’ of the RM House. This is the only public room apart from the kitchen that he has access to, as the rest of the house is off limits to him because of his compromised immune status. Unfortunately that means that the aquarium and the great room that you might see if you take the tour of the house are amenities that he can’t enjoy. RM House Tour Actually, none of the rooms in the photos are available to him. No complaints though, he seems very happy to have the TV set in the immune wing pretty much to himself for now.

Keith’s appetite continues to improve and both last night and today for lunch he requested (and got) nachos with all the fix’ns. The other piece of good news is that his white blood cell count has started to stabilize and even tick slightly upwards on his own. No help from GCSF!

Good news indeed….


Anonymous said...

Keith~ I loved the pictures of you walking the dogs- that seemed like a cool outing.
It is wonderful to see you are enjoying yourself in your private "suite" in the RM house. You are full of strength, vigor, and have an amazing amount of people who care about you. Keep being the great guy you are.
Love, Jenny Barnett Champion
(Sandy Barnett's daughter)

Anonymous said...

g'day Keith & family,
I'm from Lake Cathie in Australia, i was just doing a search on why i couldn't get to Blokus & it lead me to your website? perhaps you like playing blokus too?
I read your pages & my thoughts are with you all on your journey, you inspire me with your love & strength.
Steve Smallwood

Anonymous said...

Hi, Keith and family! I am glad to be back in touch after a couple of months, when your old site suddenly wouldn't let me post even when I disabled my cookies. I check almost every day, and just wanted you guys to know how inspiring your outlook and perspective are to me and my family. Keep rolling onward!
Valerie Stein in Edmonds, WA, who knows your Uncle Chris and Aunt Valerie from church, and who is honored to have gotten to make a square for your blanket...

Nancy said...


I have been in Indianapolis all week attending a training session for my new job at Sprint.... now I get to go back to KC and try and get the marketing organization in order! (No small task!)
It was good to catch up with all your activities... dog walking, lemon chicken, nachos, white cell production ON YOUR OWN (woo-hoo!)... and all the food speak is a good sign that the Keithanator is back!
When next I see you in Charlevoix - I have a deal for you... you show me your "tatoos" and I'll show you mine! Keep up the good work.
Nancy Pennington