Monday, April 16, 2007

Day +40: Just a Regular Day

Josie has been with Keith at RM House for the past day while I have been in Orinda with Scott for the past two nights. So while I cannot relay a first hand account of the day’s events I did interview a reliable source: namely Keith himself.

His calendar is filled with a variety of activities. The list includes tearing through as many Tintin cartoon books as he can get his hands on (6 so far in the last day), attending school (today was Math-focused), getting outside for a walk with Josie around the RM House vicinity, and consuming one of his favorite meals that his mom prepares: Lemon chicken. In the interest of full disclosure, he also spent quite a bit of time on the sofa in front of the TV playing video games just to balance out some of the more scholarly pursuits of the day.

Looking ahead, Keith’s aunt Christine arrives on Tuesday to pick up where Keith’s aunt Valerie left off helping manage our dual location lifestyle. We have really been fortunate to have such family support through all of this. On Wednesday, we will join Keith at the Stanford Comprehensive Cancer Center to discuss with the medical team his upcoming radiation treatment plan.

Keith’s latest lab report looks pretty solid and the clinic has held off the GCSF for the past week or so in hopes that he will rebound on his own without any further assistance. Judging by the animation in his voice on the phone tonight I would have to say he continues to be on the upswing.


John said...

Tintin? Tintin?! Tintin! Jack and I LOVE Tintin. Snowy too. We brought 20 Tintin books with us to India.

Blistering Barnacles,

Uncle John and Jack

Monita said...

Dear Keith,

We really like your blog and your new pictures. Sorry we didn't write for a long time. We always check your website and are happy to know you're feeling better (and eating better).

James likes Tintin too and has a few Tintin books. Please let us know if we can bring them to you.

the Martins