Monday, April 23, 2007

Day +47: Ah,Yes. It Must Be a Monday

As predicted Keith spent most of the day across the street shuffling between Packard and the Stanford Medical Center. The first stop was a visit to the clinic for his twice-weekly physical exam and lab draw. Then it was upstairs to attend the school on the third floor. As Josie and Keith approached the classroom they noticed a sign on the door that read “Quiet, Test in Progress.” But before they could about face and escape, Keith’s teacher noticed them and escorted Keith into the room whereupon he was given a pencil, shown to a desk and handed the standardized statewide Star Test. He managed to somehow get through it even with the added burden of having to wear his not-so-comfortable, hard-to-breathe-in, pink-hued respirator the whole time.

Then it was back to RM House for a quick lunch and a little mask-free time quickly followed by a return trip back to the hospital for his scheduled radiation treatment. Keith sailed through the treatment but his lab results indicated that he did indeed need more platelets, so they both hung around in the hallway for about an hour waiting for a bed in the day hospital to free up. Still wearing his mask, Keith started to feel a bit queasy and it was soon after finally being led into the day hospital room that Keith’s stomach let loose. He had a similar episode on Friday shortly after that radiation treatment, so we are beginning to wonder if his reaction is correlated to the radiation or a mere coincidence. A dose of Benedryl and an Ativan settled his stomach but it took about four hours to complete his infusions of platelets and GCSF. Josie and Keith left the day hospital around 7pm, exhausted as you might expect.

Ah, yes. It must be a Monday.


Anonymous said...

Keith, I think it is so unfair that kids have to take the star test at all. I can't imagine how terrible it must be with a resperator, and by surprise too! Sometime this week or next week Mrs. howard's class will take it, but we will be warned! Mrs. Howard's class is going to Malakoff Diggins May 14 and 15.

Best Wishes,
Mollie fiereo

Annie said...

Wow, I was just exhausted reading about your day, yesterday! Hope today runs much more smoothly!

All's well in GR. Spring has FINALLY decided to show up in Michigan -- birds are chirpping, bulbs are blooming, grass is green, frogs are peeping down at the pond and the trees are leafing out. Time to spend the day outside! We're hoping to go up to Charlevoix sometime around the second week of May to open up the cottage. Counting the days. Would so love it if you could be there too. --- Next year!!

Miss you! Grandpa Don and I send hugs and love.

Linda Bemis said...

Dear Keith,
Hope today isn't as exhausting as yesterday. Eager to hear you have finished your art project at school and hope we get to see it as we did your last one.

God Bless,
Linda B

Christine Rohrer said...


So sorry about that Star test. I know you were planning to conveniently "miss" it. I bet you ace it anyway. Sam missed a standardized test by being in Dubai last month. You might try that next time.

I miss you.

Love, Aunt Christine