Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day +50: And Counting...

Every once in a while the computer screen stares me in the face and cleanses my mind of any meaningful narrative. I’m afraid that tonight is one of those nights.

I will simply say that Keith is feeling terrific, offering up more of the feistiness that rounds out his personality with every day. At school he paired up with a visiting volunteer who is currently a PhD student in engineering at Stanford and they hit it off pretty well, covering some mathematics as well as skyscraper design. While I was not witness to this encounter I can just imagine the two of them rubbing their chins in front of a white board discussing the geometrical meaning of the central extension of the algebraic diffeomorphisms of a circle.

Or something like that….

To make up for the lack of any other real content tonight, I offer a link to an entertaining video that Keith, Scott and I had fun watching a while ago.

Where the Heck is Matt?


Anonymous said...

Keith, I love your new website! It's been great to follow your steady progress since the BMT. If you have to be in the hospital, it sounds like LPCH in a pretty awesome place---even a school! Oh well, nothing's perfect!!! Keep up the good work, in all respects and you will be back in Orinda very soon. Love, Marilyn Stoddard

Anonymous said...

Hi, Keith! We are following your progress closely and can't wait for you to return to Orinda! When you do, let's celebrate, OK? You get to name the place, the activity, and the food! You're doing great healing work in Palo Alto - and you're getting so much closer to the finish line. Looking forward to having you back!! Love, Cynthia, Ben, Haley, Holden