Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day +39: Shifting Gears

Keith has been feeling great for quite a while now and continues to get stronger and eat more each day. Pizza, soup, cereal, chili, ice cream, and toast have all made the trip from Keith’s mouth to his stomach lately (although not at the same time thankfully).

Josie and I have seemingly found a rhythm and sequence that is finally comfortable for us to prepare his nightly nutrition and hydration – it’s a fairly complicated routine. As Keith eats and drinks more and more on his own, these infusions of TPN and lipids will eventually be reduced and eliminated altogether. He has also been taking his oral medication like a champ.

Scott spent most of the weekend in Palo Alto with his brother and that is about the best medicine there is ..... except for perhaps Dr. W and his dogs….


Gabe Ostler said...

Yo Keith!
Glad to hear you're doing well. I miss having you around at school. Sounds like you're having fun at the school down by Stanford, though!
It seems like you have to wear a lot of stuff to protect you from germs. Like the do-rag though!
Keep on fighting, buddy.
Your friend,
P.S. Were the dogs you got to walk nice?

Scott Kelley said...

Hey Keith,
Nice being down there every weekend with you and getting beaten in pretty much every game we play. Keep at it.

Chris Kelley said...

G'day, Keith! Greetings from Sydney, Australia! Love the new web site/blog. Great to know you're doing better every day.

Nancy Kelley said...

Go Keith! Love the new blogger spot but then again, we are a little biased towards google products! I've bookmarked it now and will be visiting this new site daily. The boys were happy to hear about all the foods you've been eating but a little jealous too since many of those foods they can't have here in India. We did find a good pizza place - that's been key! Talk to you soon!
Aunt Nancy, Jack, Matt and Owen

Annie said...

Hi Ho Keith!
Love your new site---mostly because I can't get enough pictures of you and your family. Besides, one does have to support Google in this family in any way possible. (Note to John: thought signing up for this blog was confusing. Site initially refused my input --claiming I was already a member.) Go figure?
Also, had no idea what a "display name" meant. So, I will now sign off with my new "display name"--- Ta Da

Christine Rohrer said...

OK, this will work for me. Nice to see all the pictures. I do miss the fishies though... Thanks for the upgrade!

Aunt Christine

Linda Bemis said...

Dear Keith, Steve and all,

I like the new site and anything to give us more of Steve's writing and more pictures is great. I think I saw where you can view a slide show, but now I can't seem to see it. Am I crazy?

Like those good reports and look forward to many more.

God Bless,
Linda Bemis

John said...

Dear Keith,

Please tell Annie that I'm flattered that she thinks I have so much pull at Google. Will try to let her down easy.


Uncle John.

Jack said...

Hi Keith,

How are you doing? We are doing great! I hope you're getting through it fine.

Love, your cousin Jack.

PS: Keep on winning!

Ryan Barretta said...

Hey Keith!
I'm glad to hear your doing well. I really like your site/blog. Everybody misses you. I hope you get better soon. Keep on fighting and we hope to see you soon.