Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day +41: Fruit or Vegetable?

“…..and that brings up the question of vegetables.” Keith

Parent’s Note: Day +41

The image above is a piece of artwork that Keith produced last week and he was rightfully happy with his effort. So was I. We have it hanging on the door of his room. He’s always liked to draw and seems to possess a particular ability to process patterns and complex graphic shapes.

* * *

In regards to the vegetable quote above, the context of this remark is not what you might expect although we were at the dinner table when he uttered this line. Keith was referring to the game “Scattegories” that he along with three other classmates at school played today.

“Can you name a vegetable that begins with an ‘L’?” Keith asked.

I struggled for a moment and offered ‘lima beans’ to which he rolled his eyes and said “Dad, those are legumes.”

How about a lemon? I asked, knowing that he would bust me on that one too.

“Dad, that is a fruit.”

“So what is a fruit anyway?” I challenged, thinking that he would have no idea how to respond.

“Dad, a fruit is the ovary surrounding the seeds of a flowering plant.” he shot back with one of those didn’t-you-ever-learn-that-in-school sort of looks.

This is just a snippet of our dinner conversation over left-over lemon chicken tonight and I fared no better in the remaining discussion. Sheeeesh…..

I wonder if some of his blood stem cells have evolved into brain cells instead….


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Laurie Tennant said...

I love this new blog - thanks for all the great daily updates and the pictures!

I have been intrigued by all the food descriptions all these months - they all sound so good! Any chance Josie might post the Lemon Chicken recipe?

Annie said...

Grandpa Don wants to know if there are copies of your artwork---suitable for framing? We want to get in on the ground floor before you become rich and famous!

Monita said...

Hey Keith,

Your picture looks great! It reminds me of Kandinsky's style.

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Linda Bemis said...

Hello Keith,

Well, I think I have found the problem to my inability to leave a comment yesterday. Yea!

What a great picture! I think you are a budding artist.

On the vegetable question--I give up.

God Bless
Linda B