Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day +36 Out for the Count

April 12, 2007: Day +36

There’s really not much to report today. Keith donned his pink mask over his pirate do-rag (quite the statement) and made it back to the hospital to attend school in the morning. Josie mentioned that he took a math test covering material he last studied over month ago – not sure how he did, but he mentioned that he felt a little rusty, like the first day of school after summer vacation.

He returned again to the hospital in the late afternoon for a scheduled appointment to have a platelet infusion which is usually a very simple procedure. This time he developed a couple of hives as a reaction to the infusion and that got the nurses hustling to counteract the reaction with a heavy dose Benadryl. Of course that sent him into a heavy sleep as it always does. Josie managed to wake him enough to wrestle him into the car and get him back here to the RM House but he quickly fell asleep again. So we set him up with his nightly nutrition infusion and he has been snoozing ever since.

Looks like he's out for the count tonight...

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