Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day +52: Boys Night Out

“I could just live on ice cream….I could” Keith

I happened to hear this snippet of Keith’s phone conversation today with Annie and Don and it made me think that maybe he’s onto something. Sure enough, in addition to his regular food intake he inhaled two hand mixed chocolate milkshakes over the course of the day. I’m not sure this diet is for everyone, but for Keith the goal is fluids and calories, fluids and calories. He’s getting plenty of vitamins through his nightly IV, so in a pleasant twist of fate, milkshakes are the perfect food for him.

I had the pleasure of spending last night and the entire day with Keith all to myself. Following an innate, almost primordial pre-wired male behavioral pattern, we stayed up late and slept in late the following morning – it was great. We followed that up by lounging around for the better part of what remained of the day, interrupted only twice (I’m almost ashamed to say) by heading outside for exercise.

Keith's hair is just starting to make itself visible again and his scalp now has a slightly gray hue where the beginnings of his new mane should soon sprout. He's like a human Chia Pet - only better (no water needed). He let me feel his head and I told him it sort of felt like my chin. He agreed.

We had so much fun today, I think we’ll do the same tonight and tomorrow….

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Anonymous said...

Hi Keith, we all feel the same way out here in MA! If only we could eat ice cream all of the time. With the three b-day parties Genna had this weekend we certainly feel that is all we are eating.

J.J. picked something out for you while we were in Disney and it will be arriving soon. He hopes you will get much use out of them! Have I peaked your interest???

A. Judy (Three J's and a G)