Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day +48: A Ditto Day

Today played out almost exactly as Monday did with two notable variants. First, Keith did not have to go to the clinic bright and early for his exam and lab draw (clinic days are Monday and Friday). Second, he did not get sick to his stomach this afternoon after his radiation treatment (Josie gave him some medication beforehand).

In almost every other aspect it was Deja Vu. He showed up at school again to find out that the Star test was still being administered, so he spent an hour or so filling in those little ovals with a 2B pencil. Then back to RM House for lunch and then back to Stanford Medical Center for radiation followed by a long wait for a room at the day hospital, this time for a unit of red blood cells. I think both Josie and Keith are looking forward to tomorrow, where the only scheduled events are school and radiation - and maybe the Star test will be over by then.

It is hard for Keith to spend so much time each day wearing his protective face mask – it’s not particularly comfortable, it’s impossible to talk without great effort, and the inside of his mask gets sort of humid and funky after a while if you know what I mean… It’s always a big relief for Keith when he gets to take it off.

As far as a fashion statement, I think it is pretty cool. My only suggestion would be to offer filter ‘skins’ like are available for your cell phone or iPod to personalize the mask to one’s individual taste.

Just a suggestion…

3M model 6291/07002 P100 Particulate Respirator

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