Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day +144: Remarkable...

The work ‘remarkable’ is rolling around in my head as I begin this entry. When looking back at the past week’s events in our house there is nothing that really stands out as ‘remarkable’ in the context that most would use the term. Maybe it is a sad commentary on our lives, but having nothing remarkable happen for over a week is, from the perspective of our context, quite remarkable. To make my point, here are just a few of the remarkable things that Keith did this past week.

  • Downed all his pills without complaining (too much).
  • Had dinner ‘al-fresco’ at Bo’s Barbeque in Lafayette – (too bad there were so many yellow jackets buzzing our brisket)
  • Went to the outdoor farmers’ market and sampled a cappuccino truffle
  • ‘Slept over’ with Scott on the family room floor (Fri & Sat)
  • Went to the Oakland Zoo with a friend and walked a mile or two on his own – favorites: fruit bat exhibit, the elephants, and the sky tram ride.
  • Went into Best Buy to spend some birthday gift money and walked out with 2 new games for the Wii.

On top of all that remarkable news, Keith’s bruised eye cleared up fully so he decided to take up Wii boxing in the attempt to give his opponent a shiner instead!

A good week for us, and in our effort to try to regain some sense of normalcy I even held back writing entries for this blog.

Keith and Scott enjoying a relaxing moment....

or is it Scott and Keith? (Sad but true...)

As Julie Whitsitt reported the fundraising results of the Orinda Park Pool swim-a-thons resulted in a very impressive $7,500 raised to date for Children’s Hospital and another $1,500 for Hope Through Opportunity. To all who helped sponsor a swimmer we are very appreciative. The upcoming week is ‘Spirit Week’ at OPP, a fun series of days leading up to the big OMPA meet next weekend. Car decorating, skit night, shave down, pasta feed as well as the usual mental and physical preparations for the big event are on tap and should keep Scott and most of the youth of Orinda well occupied.

Unfortunately this next week also marks the end of our remarkable normalcy as of late. Keith will need to return to Stanford for the usual battery of tests and scans Wednesday through Friday which will give us an indication of how effective his current therapy is. We’re not looking forward to it plain and simple….

Particularly after having such a remarkably unremarkable week.


Allison N. said...

Helloooo Keith!!! Your unremarkable week was pretty great all the way around - good food, good friends, good fun. That's just some of the best stuff in life that there is. And, I am glad to see you are enjoying an abundance of all of the above these days. Love from, Allison

Anonymous said...

Glad you had an unremarkable week, Keith, and we will be cheering you on this next week at Stanford. Hope all goes well. Love, The Big L

Wylie said...

Hey Keith....good seeing you at O.P.P. Skit Night....some pretty funny skits!

Heres to Scott(and me)swimming some good times at OMPA. Can't wait til you can get back in the swim. Wylie