Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day +136: Getting Back on Track

Parent’s Note: Day +136

I suppose it’s time to update everyone after almost a week’s hiatus from the editorial desk (actually the kitchen counter). First, Keith’s plentiful pill plight seems to have abated as the week has progressed. After a visit to the Stanford Clinic on Tuesday Keith, along with a good lab report, managed to convince the medical team to whittle 4 pills from his daily diet, making the remaining 10 or so a much more manageable daily task. The really big news is that Keith has been given the green light to go inside buildings other than our house and the hospital as long as they are not too crowded (read: mostly empty). His first request was a visit to Best Buy to spend some birthday money on a new Wii game.

His appetite is starting to return a bit led by a strong interest in food – no big meals but lots of small ‘samples’ instead. Physically, he remains much less active than most 11 year olds, still we manage to get him to walk up and down the street most days and when inside the Wii has been great to keep him active and entertained. He developed a bruised eye for no apparent reason early in the week and even he admits it looks kind of ‘brutal’, but it seems to be clearing. So the few times he has gone with Josie out of the house he wears his ‘shades’ to keep his shiner concealed and the paparazzi at bay. Keith is having a friend sleep over tonight and it’s just nice to see him enjoying himself again. We played the new 'Charlotte's Web' movie on DVD which caused Josie to get teary-eyed at the end. Keith had no sympathy, however. "Mom, you just don't cry at computer generated spiders". There you have it.

As for other news, Scott is having a great swim summer. He has worked so hard all summer at practices and today it paid off with a gold time in the 50 Fly at this morning’s swim meet which qualifies him for the County meet in a few weeks. This is his first gold time ever. He is very proud as are we of his accomplishment.

Great swim Scott!


Christine Rohrer said...

Thanks for the update. Wii addiction sounds like normal 11 year old behavior in this house. Oh, and how about going to the local mall at 3 am on Saturday morning to pick up the new Harry Potter book? Karl gets big points for that. Sam is enjoying reading it while Peter is enjoying taunting him with the threat of reading the last chapter and spoiling the ending for him. Such is life in the desert.

Congrats again to awesome Scott.

Love, Aunt Dubai.

Allison N. said...

That's my kind of update. Fewer pills and more food and activities - Wii and otherwise. It sounds like things are moving in the right direction! And with that thought - a big shout out to Scott not only for his 200+ laps as part of the fundraiser, but also for his latest and greatest swimming accomplishments. Strength and determination are definitely in residence all the way around in the Kelley household. Here's to another good week ahead. Love from, Allison

Mark Spitz said...


As a guy who swam at County and went on to win nine Olympic gold medals, I just have one piece of advice: grow a moustache. A big bushy one. Sure, I was fast at County. But after I grew the 'stache, no one could touch me.

If this seems a bit extreme (or coach Brad insists on you shaving), then just keep doing what you're doing. It's obviously working and we are all impressed -- very impressed.

Matt Biondi said...

Hey, Scott.

When you get to County, you are going to see a lot of guys with what looks like dirt on their lip. You see, Mark has been giving that same advice to promising young East Bay swimmers for as long as I can remember.

When I was breaking all the records at MVP, he came by to wish me well and gave me a talk. He swore the 'stache made him faster and attributed his awesome speed to what he called "the walrus effect." (It only sort of made sense; I never thought of walruses as the fastest of sea creatures).

OK, I will admit that I tried it. The summer between 11th and 12th grade, I showed up at County with the best 'stache I could grow (it was neither big nor bushy). But my coach insisted I shave before the County finals and I am glad I did! Can you say "Cal scholarship?"

Stick with the hard work. It is obviously paying off in spades.

Matt Biondi

Anonymous said...

Go Scott, you are following in your father's footsteps, or should I say swim lanes. Good luck.
As for you, Keith, keep up the good work with getting the pills down, not easy. Glad you are able to get to Best Buy and add parts. I am sure the shades just make you a man of mystery-so California.
Love, the Big L

Nancy said...

Yea for home! And YEA for Scott! A gold time - congratulations! See... even Spitz and Biondi are on your Chicago 2016 bandwagon!

I am in Charlevoix. But right now staying close to the cottage. We have the flu in 509!! YUK! However, before the madness began I was at the casino and saw Keith's fabulous artwork up for auction. Man, there are some deep pockets up here - and Keith, your masterpiece was the top seller! I just couldn't keep up! Maybe next time.
I hope that pill count keeps coming down.

Anonymous said...

Time for the second drum roll.
The total donation from Orinda Park Pool Swim Team for Children's Hospital Oakland is $7,500 and counting. We are taking donations through July 31st. We are also proud that our OPP swimmers raised $1,500 for Hope Through Opportunity. For every $35.00 raised, it feeds a child in the designated orphanage for one year - we are happy to say that 43 children will have something to eat all year long.
We are very excited with our OPP family (and especially the Kelley clan) for their generous donations.
We are working on the actual presentation to CHO and will let you know when that happens. I can't believe we are coming to an end of swim team. It has gone by too fast. We are gearing up for the annual "BIG" swim meet, Orinda Moraga Pool Association (OMPA) the first weekend of August. While this weekend is bittersweet for the Kelley family, we carry the tenacious spirit of Keith Kelley in our butterfly arms, breaststroke kicks and tight dives.
We will cheer Scott into another GOLD time and yell everytime a OPP swimmer breaks thier best time (just like Keith did at last years OMPA)
I thought of another drink to take with pills. TANG - wonderful orange power that the Astronaults drank. What could give you more power than that. TANG - at Safeway at the end of the ice cream aisle.
Julie Whitsitt
ps. The cat (Hershey) is asleep on top of the large 16" x 20" Park Pool swim team group photo on the dining room table. OPP even gives the cat some comfort.