Friday, July 6, 2007

Day +121: Cephalopoda Birthdaycakeia....

Keith has been enjoying this last week at home highlighted by several encounters with friends, lots of Scott time and well exercised ‘game thumbs’. An uneventful trip to Stanford for a routine clinic visit on Tuesday confirmed that he looks as good as he feels was the only real medical event of the week.

In anticipation Keith’s birthday celebration this weekend Josie came upon one of those brilliant ‘gotta have’ items in a Williams Sonoma catalog – an octopus cake pan. Keith’s eyes bulged out in amazement and he was clearly very happy with the idea of a cephalopod cake.

Weird kid, weird parents….


Anonymous said...

Dear Keith,

Wishing you the Happiest of Happy Birthdays!!! That is one crazy cake mold---I love it! Let us know all about your birthday and how the cake turned out!

Love, Marilyn Stoddard

Allison N. said...

Au contraire! I think an Octopus cake is a testament to the height of cool in both parents and kids!! However, I do have to cast my vote for chocolate cake rather than something in the realm of the "fishy" variety. Here's to a fantabulous early birthday celebration in honor of the incredible Keithanator!!! Cheers and much love, Allison