Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day +125: Swimming for a Cause

The first day antibody therapy at Stanford seems to have gone well medically speaking. Keith is running a slightly elevated temperature which is an expected reaction but so far no major aches or pains. The construction pace, however, seems to have picked up around here dramatically and the noise in Keith’s room was so loud and persistent it caused more stress and anxiety than the treatment itself.

* * *

Today was the Orinda Park Pool Swim-A-Thon to benefit Children’s Hospital Oakland in honor of Keith. It was a cold and foggy morning for a swim but it didn’t seem to dampen the spirits a bit. I have no idea how many kids swam laps but it was probably well over a hundred, each with goals ranging from tens to hundreds of laps. Altogether that’s a lot of laps and I am sure Children’s Hospital will be very grateful to receive a sizeable donation. Thanks to the Park Pool families, coaches and swimmers that organized and participated in this event, and especially to those of you who sponsored a swimmer.

Scott set a goal of 200 laps in 90 minutes and swam 212 – over 3 miles! In fact he swam the first 100 laps without taking a rest. Now that’s the stuff of ironmen! In typical fashion Scott brushed off the effort as ‘not too bad’ after toweling off. Later in the day he admitted that his arms were sore in places that they haven’t been sore before.

Swim-A-Thon Banner

Scott after 212 laps

The next age group readies for their swims


Anonymous said...

What a day at Park Pool. Steve was correct, the weather was overcast, a little windy and cold. It did not matter. The pool was here to celebrate and swim. The pool was decorated with Swim-a-Thon banners, Swimming for Cancer signs and Keith's smiling face on the flyers. The Wentzel family got Noah's bagels to donate bagles (lots of onion - so added to the smells of the pool), and Deanna was there with the tally sheet ready to go. I hear that the coaches took great pride that the extra weeks of pre-season had paid off, because they have NEVER seen so many laps by OPP swimmers at this point in the season. I am not just talking about 50 yards, 100 yards - I am talking MILES!! Miles of swimming was done by everyone from 6 year olds to 18 year olds. Deanna Wentzel and the Coaches kept track of everyone and she is organizing the final statistics. I can't wait for the scientific calculations of where we could go if we were to swim a straight line. That will be posted on Wednesday. The kids were very happy to have thoughts of Keith in their head as they swam and swam and swam. I am sure that not many kids will be playing those video games tonight - they can't lift their arms. We swim Moraga Tennis and Swim Club tomorrow night. We many loose the meet because we have tired swimmers - but it is worth every lap.
We are sending our power your way as you go through your next round of treatment.
Trevor had a great time at your birthday party. You were very nice to invite him. It was an extra bonus for me because Trevor wanted to make sure he was all nice and clean when he went over your house. He showered for 1/2 hour, scrubbed his nails and wore clean clothes. This is the nicest he has looked in ages. I should have taken his picture. He said the food was fantastic, especially the chocolate kisses/pretzel dessert. I will have to make that one.
Three more weeks before the swim season ends - can you believe it -. Park Pool (and the Whitsitt's) wish you the best.
ps. Next quiz: If one swimmer could swim 212 laps (over 3 miles) what can 150 swimmers do?? Any guesses?
Julie Whitsitt

Anonymous said...


Kudos to Scott!

It has been so cold today. I simply cannot imagine the strength (love) it would take to manage 2 HUNDRED and twelve laps.

We will of course be sending a check to Children's your way. Good to know what to multiply by.


Lori Patel

Anonymous said...

Am sorry not to be at LPCH with you this week, Keith. Am proud of Scott and his swim. You boys are both remarkable. Feel strong, both of you. S and J, give both boys BIG kisses from me (I know how much they like THAT!).
Liz C.

Fred said...

Great work Scott, 212 laps in 90 minutes. Wow!
Congratulations to you and all the swimmers at Park Pool.

Nancy said...

Scott - I am awed by your efforts!! (sending my sponsor check to your dad today!) Makes me think we could see you in Chicago (maybe) in 2016! Heck, maybe even London 2012 - but I have been told male swimmers hit their prime in the early 20's.
Keith - I am praying for minimal aches and pains this time around. And I will throw in some prayers for muted construction noise while I am at it!
Steve and Josie - good parents learn how to develop the spectacular in their kids... and you certainly have 2 amazing boys. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Scott on a magnificent achievement! I will eagerly await the total results of everyone's swim. The OPP crew is to be commended for all that they do. I, for one, am incredibly impressed by the entire California support system....and the top "high five" has to go to Scott Kelley!
Re: the Wii. I'm with you, Steve. Anything that gets a child up and moving is a plus, carbon footprint notwithstanding. As an aside, I have played Wii golf. After three holes, I was 27 over par. (and I am a golfer) Have you tried the Eye Toy? It's another good "get off the couch" toy...and let me tell you, the Ninja warrior game will get your heart pumping!
Great news from you...and all good thoughts are headed toward Stanford this week.
XXOO Barbara Hunting

Anonymous said...

Drum Roll Please xxxxxxxxxx.......xxxxxxx
I have the final results of the Orinda Park Pool Stingrays swim-a-thon for Children's Hospital Oakland and our buddy Keith.
Sum of Yards = 332,000
Sum of Miles = 188.6
Sum of Laps = 13,280
Age Group divisions
15,600 yards
8.9 miles
624 laps
48,550 Yards
27.6 miles
1,942 Laps
111,800 Yards
63.5 Miles
4,472 Laps
63,400 Yards
36.0 Miles
2,536 Laps
86,800 Yards
49.3 Miles
3,472 Laps
6 & Unders
5,850 Yards
3.3 Miles
234 Laps

To give you an idea on how far that is -
From Orinda:
Santa Cruz is 79 miles away - we could swim there and back plus.
Palo Alto (to you Keith) is 44 miles - we could swim there and back TWICE
Anaheim (Disneyland) is only 397 miles - we could get about half way.
San Francisco (Alcatraz) is only 18.24 miles. We could swim there and back all day!!!
On the first day of donation collection, $1,500 was turned in. This is just fantastic. We will be collecting all the way through the end of July. We will send the final tally on a later message.
The swimmers were very tired, but there were only smiles. There was a spirit at the pool that the hard workout was for Keith and a great cause. It was a great place to be.
Thank you to all of the outside supporters who are sending messages and donations. People are generous, thoughful and caring.
I would love to read where people think we could swim to - a new quiz!
Good wishes are being sent your way.
Julie Whitsitt