Friday, July 13, 2007

Day +128: Home Awaits....

We had been hoping that Keith would be home from Stanford by today (Friday) but events conspired against us and he will need to stay at least one more day and possibly longer. It being Friday the 13th probably didn’t help.

Keith finished his antibody infusion on Thursday as planned and tolerated the actual infusions well with the expected fevers associated with the antibody reactions but no substantial pain as is fairly common. But by Friday morning he clearly wasn’t recovering as fast as he did the previous round a month ago and complained of a shortness of breath and developed a cough. By mid day he was clearly weak, struggling and a bit scared. A chest x-ray showed early signs of pneumonia so he was placed on an antibiotic regimen and the discharge papers were set aside for the time being. As of the last check before writing this entry it sounded like he was improving a bit so with any luck he is over the hump for now.

Of course he was extremely disappointed to learn that he would not be able to return home today. As difficult as the high-dose chemotherapy rounds were for him, this treatment ranks right up there.

Not much fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Keith - hope you are feeling better today. We just returned from a week on the Cape and are catching up with your posts. The house we rented was in the dark ages and didn't have wireless internet!! So excited you have the Wii - J.J. received it for his birthday as well and we are all having much fun with it. He even beat his grandmother in bowling which is her best sport! Do you have Mario Party 8????

Scott great job on the swim-a-thon. I can't even imagine how you must have felt the next day - 212 laps amazing by all counts! We will send the pledge to your dad soon.

A Judy

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the set back, Keith. You have been doing such a fine job. Hope they throw you out very soon. The swim team certainly made you and everyone else very proud of the job they did swimming laps.
A belated happy birthday and keep the cake mold. It definitely sounds like one of a kind.
The Big L

Betsy said...

Happy Birthday Keith, and hoping you get home soon! All of us out here in extended Keith-land were hoping you would get to take the summer off. But glad you got an awesome birthday, some new hair, and a new toy :) Oh, and from what I can tell you've also got a devoted medical team doing their best to get you out of there. Kudos to team Keith.

From a fellow cephalopod lover--

Lauran (and Eric and Wyatt & Quinn Warner)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelley's,
We're sorry to hear Keith's treatment has been so rough this time. After all the fun that you'd been having with the Wii, it seems very unfair that this treatment should be such a struggle and keep y'all from getting back to the essential things in an 11 year old's life. We're serious about this! Since the Wii arrived at our house early June for our 17 year old's birthday, it has been a blast for everyone.
Our continued prayers go to your family. Mii & mine hope that you'll be enjoying the Wii soon.

Alison Utterback