Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day +115: Keith and "Gunsmoke". What? you say...

Sorry for posting drought over the past few days. The reality is that there just hasn’t been much newsworthy news lately to report from here, and with the Tahoe fire and Paris H. getting out of jail dominating the headlines, our world is inconsequential by comparison. Actually, we’ve slipped into a rather nice and extended period of ‘normalcy’ (by our standards at least) with only minimal medical meddling consisting essentially of overnight hydration and pill-taking. Keith hasn’t had to step foot into a clinic or a hospital for over two weeks now. In an odd way it almost seems like they’ve forgotten about him but we’re quite ok with that for now.

Keith continues to feel well and even looks great as well. In fact, apart from the swimmer’s muscles and longer hair he had a year ago you would never know on quick glance what he’s been through over the past year. And apart from the annoying plantar wart on the bottom of one foot which causes him to hobble around like Chester, Matt Dillon’s faithful sidekick of a deputy of Gunsmoke lore, he would even move around like the Keith of old.

Because Keith is technically in isolation and not permitted to go inside any buildings other than our home and the hospital, our summer excursions have been, shall we say, somewhat limited. Outdoor venues that are generally close to home are on our "do" list, relegating almost everything else to our "don't" list. Undeterred, we’ve enjoyed both the UC Berkeley and Tilden botanical gardens, Park Pool, the local farmer’s market as well as short walks in the neighborhood.

Looking ahead, Keith is scheduled to be re-admitted for his second course of antibody treatment the second week of July. If this course is anything like the last course we aren’t expecting him to feel especially great during that week. Because this treatment round coincides with his eleventh birthday we’ve decided to celebrate his birthday a week early while he’s still feeling good.

Ok, the Gunsmoke tie-in might be kinda' lame.

Swim-A-Thon to Fight Cancer

In a great gesture of support our friends at Park Pool have arranged to have a swim-a-thon in Keith’s honor on July 10th to raise funds for a charity of our choice. We spent a long time thinking over what might be a good organization to direct the fund towards and decided on Children’s Hospital Oakland for all they have done for us and other families with kids undergoing difficult illnesses. For those of you out-of-towners who feel like supporting this cause (and it's quite ok to decline), you can sponsor Keith’s brother Scott (or another swimmer) with either a flat amount or a per lap pledge. Just a word of caution though…. Scott says he is planning on swimming 200 laps (nearly 3 miles!). Checks should be made out to: Children’s Hospital & Research Center Foundation and rather than posting our home address they can be sent to my office address:

Steve Kelley
1500 Sansome Street, Roundhouse One
San Francisco, CA 94111

I'll forward any mail contributions to the Swim-A-Thon coordinators at Park Pool

All donations are fully tax deductible as allowed by law. Tax ID# 94-1657474


Chris Kelley said...

Scott: Put me down for 25¢ a lap, ok?! Let's see if we can raise a ton of money for Oakland Children's Hospital Foundation!

Uncle Chris

Annie said...

OK----I'm in for a dollar a lap. (Not to exceed 200 laps)
Good Luck, Scott!

Anonymous said...

I'm in for $.75 a lap...up to 200 laps. Anything over that, your Grandfather Don will have to finance. Go Scott!!! You are truly the ultimate definition of a great big brother!!!! Barbara Hunting

Nancy said...

Well, how can I pass up an opportunity to honor both Kelley boys? Count me in as a per lap sponsor. Scott, you ROCK - 3 miles??? That is what I call a swim-a-thon. Keith, next year I want to be counting your laps, ok?
I hope you are enjoying good summer weather - it certainly makes for better outdoor excursions!

Fred said...

Wish we could be there to cheer you on Scott. Good luck to you and all the other swimmers.
$100 is riding on you Scott and .25 cents for every lap over 100.
Go for it!

Pat & Fred

Anonymous said...

All of here at Park Pool are very excited about our Swim A Thon to benefit Children's Hospital Oakland - July 10. We were very happy that the Kellley Family continued in their generosity and granted us the pleasure of helping Keith with this worthy cause. It it were not for the hills of Orinda/Berkeley we could almost see CHO from Orinda Park Pool. We know that they do and will continue to offer many programs that benefit all children in need.
We are humbled that all of the members of the swim team and OPP in general are excited about swimming for CHO with the spirit of Keith in their hearts, leggs and arms. I think we will even get the coaches in the water to swim a few laps.
Trevor is pounding the carbs to get ready. I will make buckets of speghetti and maybe even give him some caffeen so he can swim more laps.
The Coaches have been giving the swimmers long and harder workouts so they will be ready for MILES of swimming.
Anyone who would like to donate can also send donations to: Orinda Park Pool c/o Swim Team Swim A Thon, PO Box 32, Orinda, CA 94563
For those of you out of town - an update on Scott's swimming.
two words - BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY. He is getting the "wings" of a swimmer. Wide shoulders, narrow waist, - it is a sight to see him in the pool. He is having a great swim year and we are proud that his a member of OPP.
An animal update - Yukon is not happy with swim season. He dug a HUGE hole in the front yard as a protest. The cats are not happy with the heat, so they just lay right in the middle of the floor all day. I have tripped many times. All of the animals want me to get back into the "school life" where my time was spent with them and not at the pool. (I prefer the later)

Linda Bemis said...

Scott, you can count me in for $100. I don't care how many laps you swim, but I do hope you can reach your goal because it will please you. What a great big brother you are to Keith. Good luck at the swimathon.

Linda B