Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day +95: Back for More.

Keith is closing in on Day +100 (100 days from transplant) and that is a milestone of sorts. While there are no guarantees, some of the restrictions he currently must observe should be lifted after the +100 day mark. This might mean less face mask time and more food choices in the future as his body has had time to begin to rebuild a semblance of an immune system again.

After Keith's strenuous activities at the pool on Friday followed by a sleep-over that night at our house with Scott and Scott’s friend Trevor, he slept in until noon on Saturday. But with his batteries recharged he had another friend over to play in the afternoon. Sunday turned out to be a quiet day at home despite Keith's multiple requests for more friends to come over and play.

Alas, we are off to Stanford on Monday to begin Keith’s first round of monoclonal antibody therapy. He will be admitted sometime in the afternoon for the usual pre-treatment regimen with the actual treatment beginning on Tuesday. The treatment consists of a four hour infusion repeated each day for 3 days. If all goes well Keith should be discharged Friday or Saturday. The next cycle would commence one month hence if he tolerates the treatment and the treatment has a positive effect on his residual disease. As far as we can tell only 30 other patients nationwide have participated in this particular study to date and so the the medical team is carefully preparing for Keith’s arrival and care.

It has been very rewarding to see Keith begin to re-engage with his friends and become more physically active. So it is emotionally hard for us to send him back for more difficult treatment when he appears to be feeling so well at the moment. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this next round of therapy will be very effective medically. But we are also hoping that he can continue to feel well enough between treatments to enjoy the summer ahead and spend time with his friends just being a regular kid.

We'll see.


Linda Bemis said...

Dear Keith,

Thinking of you and your family as you head off to Stanford today. What an inspiration you are to me and many others. I hope Grandpa Don and Annie were able to get there before you head off and you had some fun time with them.

God Bless You All,
Linda B

Nancy said...

Keith and family,

I have not been able to access your site in over a week. So I had lots of catching up to do today.

First, my prayers are that the phase of treatment you start today will completely eliminate the cancer. I believe with all my heart God wants your healing.... sometimes I just don't understand His timing.

Now, as to the Cartoon Network... oh my goodness... makes me crazy. So the compromise at our house is Boomerang.

I loved the pictures of your school party. You look FABULOUS!! Now let's get your insides as handsome at the out.

Scott - excellent work on the time trials! Just think where they will be at the end of the season!

Josie and Steve - I am praying strength and peace for you.

Sending love your way!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelley's,

It has been wonderful to view the end of school festivities! Keith, you have grown up so much this year. It never ceases to amaze us older people how children do that, no matter what. As always we are thinking about you and keeping you and your family in our prayers.

As my older children head off to their full time summer jobs, I can't help but think of you and your new full time job with this latest therapy. As with them I hope there are "days off" to enjoy some summertime fun with friends and family.

Y'all are doing an amazing job taking care of each other. It really is beautiful.

The Utterbacks