Friday, June 8, 2007

Day +93: School's Out

Today was the last school day for kids in the Orinda Union School District, and probably for a good part of the rest of the nation as well. For Scott, this was also his last official day of Orinda Intermediate School culminating in a ‘promotion’ ceremony yesterday evening and a fun class trip to a bay area theme park today to cap off the school’s BMOC festivities before heading off to be lowly freshmen in high school next fall.

Of course this was the last day of school for Keith’s 5th grade friends all of whom are ‘graduating’ as well from elementary to intermediate school next fall. Their celebration involved a pool party at Park Pool. Now here’s the twist. With a considerable amount of parent lobbying on Josie’s part to the medical team, Keith was granted permission to attend the pool party. While he didn’t actually ‘suit-up’ or get wet he was able to run around with all of his school friends for the first time in, well, a really long time – and without his mask. It was fun for us to watch him bounding about with all of the energy he could muster, which was considerable given he has been pretty sedentary for a quite a while. His friends seemed to accept him back into the fold as though the nightmare of the last 10 months had never happened. Rumor has it that a couple of curious friends asked if they could see his large tummy scar. So Keith, who is not often one to miss an entertainment opportunity happily regaled them, resulting in the expected chorus of ooohhhs and aaaahhhhs.

For nearly 4 hours Keith raced around with his friends outlasting most of the party-goers. Finally, as much as he probably didn’t want to, he admitted he was pretty tired. He said his so-longs to his friends that still remained, negotiated a couple of deals for future play dates and hobbled off reluctantly to the car…..

exhausted but happy.


Mary Gates said...

Hi Keith and Family,
Good to see that you're doing so well, and able to be with your friends. You've got hair! Very cool hair! I've got a slow computer, but I heard some music at some points on the blog. The pictures are fun too. My best to you all. Love in Christ, Mary Gates

Annie said...

Keith, I loved all the pictures of you and I was thrilled that you were able to go to the OPP party with all of your friends! Best of all, we will see you in person in a few days. Grandpa Don and I are so excited --- we're starting to pack already.

PS Scott, needless to say, we are excited to see you, too!

Love and hugs to one and all!

Linda Bemis said...

Dear Keith,

What great pictures of you outing with your friends! And exciting that Annie and Grandpa Don are heading your way. Glad they will be able to be with you in Sunny California, but sad because that means they won't be in Charlevoix when we get there next week. But I'm certain we'll see them as soon as they return from Orinda. Enjoy their visit.

God Bless,
Linda Bemis

Tamara said...

Congrats to Scott - Ultreya (onward)!!

So glad Keith got to escape the odyssey and be a "normal kid" for awhile - it's about time.

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you. xo -Tami

Anonymous said...

Hi Keith et al.: Hair? Fabulous!!! You look terrific and the shots of you and your school friends have made me smile all day. Have a great weekend. XXOO Barbara Hunting

Allison N. said...

Hey there Keith!
I am glad to see you out and about mixing it up with your pals. It looks like a great way to spend an afternoon to me! And with Annie and Grandpa Don on the way - it looks like more fun times ahead. Enjoy!! Love from, Allison