Monday, June 18, 2007

Day +103: Picture This

We've had a lot of fun with Annie and Don here the past few days. I snapped a few pictures to share and because Keith has been feeling quite good lately there have been lots of smiles.

Out for a stroll in the neighborhood

Keith & Scott preparing to battle.

Annie showing Scott how to do it.

Scott laughing at Annie showing Scott how to do it.

Annie laughing at Scott laughing at Annie showing Scott how to do it.

Annie laughing...... I think.


Linda Bemis said...

Dear Keith,

What great pics your dad posted! Gosh, your hair is growing fast. Looks like you, Scott and the grands were having some great times. This certainly shows that sometimes pictures do speak louder than words. But tell your dad that we do still cherish his words.

Keep up the good work Keithanater!

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Big, big smile.

Lori Patel

Anonymous said...

Dear Keith,

Thank you for sharing your new family photos. It's great to see you all having fun playing table tennis. All the best.

The Martins

Allison N. said...

Love the pictures - they really capture the fun you all are having together! I think family is the best "feel good" medicine there is. Love from, Allison

Chris Kelley said...


Dr. Ruth said...

Dear Steve and Josie,

Vell, seeing as it is your 25th anniversary, I do not think you will need to come in for your appointment this week.

Just kidding! Have a wonderful anniversary. You two are an incredible team.

Nancy said...

Love the pictures! I think laughter is Scott's secret weapon - no way Annie could provide much competition doubled over like that! Keep it up... keep it up!

Happy 25th Steve and Josie! So did you get married at 15??

Wishing you nothing but fun times this week. Praying for no pain while that antibody therapy wipes out the cancer.


Anonymous said...

What a treat! Loved the pictures of everyone having a fun time. I can't get over all of Keith's hair. Back to having to schedule trips to the barber shop.
It is really hard to believe it was 25 years ago I witnessed your beautiful wedding and enjoyed the special music. Happy 25th. Love, The Big L

Anonymous said...


You look like a movie star in the picture with the sunglasses on your head !
How nice to have family visiting again. Enjoy your time together.
Catherine & Ken Jordan

Anonymous said...

Does Scott look a bit like a young Prince William or Harry to anyone else? Nice hair cut Scott, it looks like Keith isn't far behind!


Anonymous said...

I have a question....does Annie have a two-handed backhand with a ping pong paddle? If so, wear body armor while playing opposite her. Great photos...happy anniversary...and keep that hair growing! And yes, Scott does look like Prince Harry. (Of course, I look like one of the Queen's corgis....) Love to all...Barbara Hunting