Friday, June 22, 2007

Day +107: Where's the Meat?

“Mom, I’m a meat eater. So where’s the meat?”

You sorta’ had to be there, but Keith blurted this out as he was perusing the toppings for our home made pizzas tonight. Now, in our defense pepperoni was a choice but Keith had a hankering for more, like some emaciated T-Rex who wasn’t satisfied with a simple Apatosaurus dinner. In addition he requested chicken, ham and bacon to augment the vast spread of toppings that Josie had already arrayed neatly in small white bowls on the counter including black olives, capers, corn, scallions, fresh parsley, home made tomato sauce, two types of cheese, and spinach. After some negotiation, Josie relented (caved) and agreed to add bacon and Keith seemed to be happy with that.

The main reason for sharing this is that finally Keith seems to be interested in food again after what seems like a couple of weeks of picking at his plate. He’s been gobbling up lots of caloric food (aka, chocolate shakes & s'mores) as well as showing a renewed interest in the usual eclectic and ethnic foods that he enjoys when he is feeling good. He even had sushi for the first time a few days back after some pleading with the doctors. All in all, a fine development indeed… He’s also been enjoying having several of his friends come over to the house and test their video gaming skills against his well-honed hand-eye reflexes.

Annie and Don are now safely back in Charlevoix where they belong after taking the red-eye Wednesday night. We really enjoyed their visit and only wish we could reciprocate with a visit to northern Michigan.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelley's

Ahh, the preteen male diet... it makes me smile all the way to the grocery meat department. My boys (13 & 17) and my daughter's boyfriend (22) would have had the same healthy response. It's just great to hear it came from Keith.
Enjoy your manly meals!!

Alison Utterback

Allison N. said...

Hey there Keith,

Chocolate shakes, s'mores, pepperoni and all sounds great to me!! A top gamer needs to keep up his strength - whether it's triumphing over Annie at table tennis or your dad in a round of WOW.

Do you still have some of that hot fudge sauce left? So many things taste better with a dousing of chocolate - in any form. I was in a special chocolate shop not long ago and I thought of you. They have chocolates from all over the globe. Lots of samples for people to taste and see what they liked best. You would have been in your element.

Love from, Allison

Anonymous said...

Okay, Sports Fans...Tomorrow evening we are having dinner with Annie and Don in Petoskey at Chandlers. First, Petoskey is non-territorial. It belongs to neither Walloon nor Charlevoix, so "bragging rights" cease to exist. Secondly, Chandlers is exactly what Zingerman's would be if it were an upscale restaurant in an alley in a resort community. Having bored everyone with all of that, I am announcing that we will arrive at Chandlers carrying Toski Sands whitefish pate. (I have already dealt with the Chandlers establishment) Thus, the next listing from either the Huntings or the Senior Kelleys will have the results of the 2007 taste test. Frankly, I will also offer some to other long as they are clad in maize and blue. The things that we do to make a point...Hugs to you all. Barbara Hunting

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