Monday, August 6, 2007


At some point or another we’ve probably all picked up a stick on a beach somewhere, jabbed it into the sand and scratched out a circle, sweeping an arc until finally closing the loop at the very point it began. I am reminded of this simple image tonight because in a way our journey has come full circle.

It has been one year to the day of the first entry of this journal and so we have literally traversed the solar system riding bronco-style on the back of Gaea only to return to the exact spot we started. The neuroblastoma tumor that was widely disseminated throughout Keith's body 12 months ago has likewise circled back from near remission to an advanced stage once again despite the aggressive treatment and accompanying travails that he has endured.

We will continue treatment at home and spare Keith any more hospital time if we can at all avoid it. And while there is much to tell, the subject unfortunately isn’t one that we wish to detail in this forum right now. Maybe at some future point we will be suck up our courage and be able to share more.

For now, we will celebrate the time we have together as a family and ultimately stand witness to the closure of a small but absolutely perfect life-circle.


Anonymous said...

Keithers - So, you're going to continue the fight on the home field, now. Please be sure to start each day off with your favorite something from the kitchen. And be sure to keep those employees at Geppeto's doing their job when you have a hunger for something from someone else's kitchen; maybe even help them design a new sandwich perfected by Orinda’s own culinary kid. You're so good at dreaming up delicious and creative combinations!

And, of course, the catering doesn't stop with food. Consider whatever you need to add to your home field advantage to be at your finger tips from any number of us that make up your fan club.

You're a wonderful boy, Keith, and we wish you all the joy of the wonders that still await you. Maybe we'll be so lucky as to experience the wonders of witnessing how well you've honed your wii skills via an internet connection, if you're ever interested...

You're an inspiration to all of us, Keithers!

Love from Uncle Jack, Aunt Judy, J.J. and Genna

Allison N. said...

Hey there Keith,

I second the excellent familial advice above! Home field advantage has its perks and I know you'll make the most of them in true Keithanator style. Love from our house to yours, Allison

Anonymous said...

Is there ANYTHING those of us nearby can do to help your family?

Lori Patel

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing everything that you have on this journey. Our continued thoughts & prayers are with you.

Alison & Family

Anonymous said...

About circles...they are geometry's most perfect form. If one is inside a circle, one is protected by the unending line that scribes the circle. If one is outside the circle, one is able to stand...arm in arm with order to protect those inside. You are all magnificent.
Love, The Huntings

Betsy said...

There's courage aplenty already in the Kelley household. You've all been inspiring us with it during this entire bronco ride.

Best wishes for peace and strength from Lauran, Eric, Wyatt & Quinn Warner in Washington

lesliebole said...

We're sending huge amounts of love your way, Kelleys, and we're standing by to support in any way at any hour. Let us know if Keith would like a visit from his favorite (we hope!) guinea pigs Snickerdoodle and Tiddlywink - they would love a field trip to display their heartwarming cuteness to one who appreciates them...

Keith, old buddy/old pal, our thoughts are with you every minute as we appreciate everything about you - we love your quirky sense of humor, the refreshing way you see the world, your genuine caring and consideration for others, and your ability to dive in and find enjoyment in whatever is going on in the moment.

Whenever the going gets tough, know that the love and admiration of hundreds of people surrounds and supports you like a cozy cocoon or a safe, soft cloud you can float around on. We're cheering for you because you're the best, Keith - Holden, Haley, Ben and I are with you all the way!

Tons of love, The Leslie-Boles

Anonymous said...

Keith- It has been a while since we have written, but you and your family have remained in our nightly prayers. You are an incredible fighter and continue to be an inspiration to us all. We send our continued prayers to you, your brother Scott and Mom and Dad.
Much love and prayers, Melissa, eddie, John and Andrew Bozesky (belvedere friends)

Jennifer said...

Keith and Family, I think of you and send you love and peace. The Kelley family courage and love is a beacon fire of light for all of us who gather around you even when you don't know we are present. We love you.

Jenny Barnett Champion

Anonymous said...

Keith and family,
Please know that we are here for you...whatever you may want or need. We are behind you all the way!!!
The Mottier's (Devin's family)

Anonymous said...

Hello There!

Just want to thank you for sharing Keith's incredibe journey. Our prayers have always been with everyone and will continue to be. May he continue to give each one of you the strength you need. I believe in miracles and I'm expecting one in Keith's life. He is so strong and a true survivor. Remember that no matter what medical science says, God has the final answer. God might seem so far away right now but, misteriously, it is when He is the closest to each and everyone of you.

All our love and prayers to each one of you.

Anonymous said...

The love, strength, and courage displayed throughout this whole journey by all the Kelleys, especially Keith, has been such an amazing inspiration. Of course, circles are endless, too, and the destination isn't what the journey is all about. It is my hope that in the past year, you have each felt the spirit of love surrounding you from your friends and family. Each of the people who have written, and many more, are with you in that spirit now during this difficult time. That is the gift. Please know that as we celebrate Keith's life, this legacy of love will always endure in another perfectly endless circle.

With much, much love to you all,
The Piper, McGuire, Holley, and Grant cousins

Anonymous said...

Keith - I NEED YOUR HELP!! I think you have a special connection with sea life. They aparently don't have the same appreciation for me - so I need your assistance. We went to our annual beach trip to Cambria (CA coast) with Grandma and Grandpa & Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and friends. We went for a lovely walk to the tide pools because it was low tide and we thought it would be fun. The CA coast in this area is rocky and beautiful. Carefully we went along the rocks watching thousands of hermit crabs and little mini crabs walking around. We came upon some smaller rocks that we needed to walk over. There was a ton of sea weed so we had to be careful. Well, I guess the sea weed had it in for me because I put one foot on the covered rock and down I went. Arms flying, legs flying - me flying. I went right down to the ocean floor. The nice sharp rock went right towards my leg. I was smart enough to tuck my hands in and not try to "break" my fall. When I landed I was face to face with the wave, 100 hermit crabs and lots of sea weed. No broken bones, but a very nice bruise on my leg, wracked back, shoulder, scrape on the other leg (have no idea how that happened) stiff neck. Did I mention that this was the first day of the trip? I did not eat any seafood this entire trip. It was beef, beef, beef (or pasta). I think the ocean had it in for me this week. Can you tell your sea life friends that I come in peace - and will not eat any of them - and to be nice to me next time I go to the beach? My body could sure use some help. Still feeling a little stiff.
At the San Semion (sp?) beach at the base of Hearst Castle, the kids and Trevor's Dad (Doug) went boogie boarding. There were three seals that went with them. It was very cute to see the seals watching them ride the waves. When the kids were done and got out of the water the seals just kept looking at them. All you could see were thier heads poking out of the water. They followed us down the beach and when they got back into the water the seals splashed around watching them. It was very cute.
Trevor's cousin got a Wii and took it on vacaton with him. We had to tear them away from it to go to the beach - they were having soo much fun. I think there were some midnight bowling events going on ( I was asleep). Trevor's Dad was the biggest kid and would not get off the game. He just loves stuff like that. I think Trevor can now challenge you to a Wii game - your choice. You have had more practice so I think you can take him. You choose the game and I will make sure he is there for you.
I have two new cook books with some great things in there - and the oven is working - so whatever your tummy desires I am ready. I have also been inspired by the farmers market in San Luis Obisbo (huge and fantastic). I can whip up something wonderful and different for you. I know you like a challenge.
I will let you know what the animals did when I was away on the next posting - hint - it starts with "Bad Dog!)
Julie Whitsitt

Anonymous said...

Keith: Travel safely and know that the world is better for having had you in it. Your footprint will last forever. With all love and thanks for sharing your life with us. It has made us all reevaluate and give thanks for those every day moments. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

To all the Kelleys, thank you for the grace and dignity inwhich you travelled this road. As we tried to give you love and support, you taught us how to conduct our own selves during a difficult time. You are in our hearts and prayers. Love, The Lierles

Chloe said...

dear keith and steve and josie and scott,

you are being held by the arms of love and the universe. i sent a note to my parents and they contacted their prayer chains, far and wide. keep your hearts open to receiving love. you are blessed.


Connor's mom said...


You are loved by so many people and we send our love and prayers to you and your family too.

We hope you can feel all the family members and friends far and wide mentally circling around you and sending you and your parents strength right now.

With all our love,

The McDonald Family

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that you all have been in the thoughts and prayers of your Chappell cousins and this will continue.


Anonymous said...

To all the Kelleys

We want you to know that you have been in our thoughts and hearts all week since we returned from Yosemite and saw Steve's eloquent and sad posting.

At this point in your journey, we wish you as much peace as is possible, and hope there is some comfort in knowing that so many people are holding you in their hearts.

Thank you for all that you have shared in this past year. As one of Christopher's first best friends, Keith will always hold a special place in our family.

With much love,
The Tennants

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly family,

There's never been a better example of the purity and fragility of life than Keith. His strength, your strength, and the community of family and friends around you is awesome and inspiring.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

The Van de Brooke family

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Keith and his loving family.

Katherine in Orinda